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The Pop Up Pop Art – The Silver Factory Special Edition edition book comes with a triple foil stamped case wrap featuring the pink and purple Cow image housed in a slipcase screen printed with Andy’s 1964 Self Portrait on the cover with foil highlights on the back of the slipcase and spine. The special edition also includes an individually bound pop up spread of Silver Clouds.

The Special Edition is available in three slipcase colors: blue, green and yellow. Each color is limited to 125 pieces and has a unique quote from Andy stamped in foil on the back of the case:

  • Blue version: “I think everybody should like everybody.”
  • Green version: “Art is what you can get away with.”
  • Yellow version: “I think everybody should be a machine.”

The book includes the following pop ups: Campbell’s Soup Cans, Banana, Andy’s Photo Booth, Marilyn Monroe, Flowers, Brillo Box Sculptures and Self-Portrait. It includes interactive elements, optical illusions and special easter eggs for true Warhol fans, making it an immersive and engaging experience.