Midnight Café Glow-In-The-Dark Wall Stickers

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GLOPLAY x Muffin Corner Collaboration!

Prepare for a delightful treat as GLOPLAY teams up with Muffin Corner, the adorable food character series that stole hearts during the pandemic in 2020. Meet the lovable muffin, mischievous deviled egg, and sweet roll cake on their foodie adventures in a cozy cafe where stress melts away.

This collaboration promises a blend of gaming and gastronomy like never before. Stay tuned for more details and get ready to immerse yourself in a world of joy and culinary magic. It's a partnership that will leave you craving for more – a delectable adventure awaits!

Material: PVC
Made in Japan
Package Size: 3.8 x 11


MUFFIN and Friends x 8,

Fork and Spoon x 1,

Cookies x 2,

Juice x 1,

Café x 1,

Chair x 2,

Table x 1,

Café Sign x 1,

Coffee Cup x 1,