Warhol 80's Sticker Pack

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Andy Warhol X Apply

Curated sticker packs, printed on premium vinyl, sized as statement pieces for your everyday objects like phones, notebooks, and more.

The 1980's in Silkscreen

Warhol's love for the silkscreen process evolved in the 1980s to embrace the glitz & glamour of the period. He accomplished the by printing pictures of dollar signs, shoes and hearts, collectively sprinkled with crushed glass to give them a "diamond dust" aura. In this vein, he also explored the abstract and decorative nature of the capitol by painting camoulfage patterns in numerous colorways along with an iconic series of his own and final selfies just before his untimely death in 1987.

  • 3 stickers in each pack
  • silkscreened on premium vinyl
  • each with a commemorative back print.