Warhol 70's Sticker Pack

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Andy Warhol X Apply

Curated sticker packs, printed on premium vinyl, sized as statement pieces for your everyday objects like phones, notebooks, and more.

The 1970's in Silkscreen

The silkscreen process and the subjects of celebrity, money, death and disaster that catapulted Warhol to fame in the 1960s continued to be important in the next decade. His exploration of skulls and electric chairs in the 70s not only recall his Death and Disaster series from 1963, but may also be seen as a meditation on his near assasination in 1968. Flowers, too ar an iconic image he worked with in both decades, and one that is a common symbol of memento mori in art history - Latin for death is inevitable, "natural."

  • 3 stickers in each pack
  • silkscreened on premium vinyl
  • each with a commemorative back print.

Despite the darker mood of this decade, we did our best to keep his spirit alive with beautifully silkscreened vinyl stickers of his art.