Warhol by David Bourdon

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A study of the innovative pop artist Andy Warhol by his close friend and confidant, David Bourdon. Prepared during the artist's lifetime and with his co-operation, it is described as an intimate look at the man behind the silkscreened image.

Never has an artist captured the imagination of the public as did Andy Warhol, as the scores of books about him attest. But only David Bourdon’s Warhol, with its lively, engrossing text and 325 striking illustrations, can lay claim to being the definitive study of the king of pop art. “Nothing to do with the art world has ever been lost on David,” Warhol once wrote about critic Bourdon, a close friend and confidant of the artist for more than 20 years. Here Bourdon effectively captures Warhol’s life, times, and work with the authenticity that only comes from having been there, and the result is truly a “comprehensive”, “authoritative” look at the multidimensional artist in all his many guises.

- Paperback

- 432 pages

- 325 illustrations