Team Up: Andy Warhol & Jean Michel Basquiat

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New York, the 1980s. Change is happening in the art world, where art is moving out of galleries and onto the streets. Two stars come together to create an unlikely friendship: one is a Pop Art legend, the other a graffiti street artist.

They were more than 30 years apart in age, but they had an artistic connection and this dynamic duo collaborated on over 100 unique works, with their different approach to painting creating a new, original and brilliant artistic style.

Their partnership didn't stop them from expressing their individuality – it only enhanced their own legendary talents to create something even more inspiring.

A brand new series, Creative Partners/Team Up, celebrating the most iconic and important collaborations in history.

From painters to singers, musicians, activists, athletes and trend setters, these books will show you how magic can happen when two talents meet, with accessible, easy-to-read text telling the stories of these partnerships and the brilliant creations they produced.

This series pays tribute to sharing your talent with others, to achieving excellent together, and working as a team to create something special: behind every shining star, hides another one with potential to shine even brighter.

Hardcover, 44 Pages