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Sketch Your World: A Guide to Sketch Journaling

An inspiring, interactive guide for drawing people, places, food, and things you come across in your travels.

This book offers aspiring urban sketchers a series of 40 step-by-step lessons showing you how to draw everything from the meal you ordered at a cafe to a map of highlights from your latest road trip. You'll get all the tips and advice you need for drawing what you see during your day and while out and about.

Learn to sketch interesting subjects from everyday life and travel, such as:

  • Fruits, vegetables, meals, and desserts
  • Bottles, boxes, baskets, and bags
  • Cups, glasses, appliances, and utensils
  • Clothing and furniture
  • Signs and storefronts
  • Maps and floor plans
  • People, locations, landmarks, and more!

This beginner's guide is the perfect companion to toss into your backpack, artist's tote, or portfolio along with your sketch journal and pens!