Robert Indiana Love Acrylic Magnet

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Robert Indiana LOVE Acrylic Magnet 

Acrylic magnet

"...what I'm doing is equating my paintings with my poetry. In other words they are concrete. The LOVE is a concrete poem as far as I'm concerned. Just one word poem. Repeated so endlessly by myself, and it's a little bit like, shall we say, likeGertrude stein. Just don't stop using a word, you see..Remember there;s another aspect about love and of course this reallt comes thorugh in (the poem)

"Wherefore the punctuation of the Heart." Love is a noun and a verb and so one must decide what my love is. It's a command, love, and it's a subjective, love. It is an exercise, and grammer is one of my favorite subjects."

2" x 1.5"

© Keith Haring Foundation. Licensed by Artestar, New York