Andy Warhol's New York City: Four Walks Uptown to Downtown

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Andy, Andy everywhere. Few figures have influenced New York City—its art, its commerce, its style, its nightlife, its legends—like Andy Warhol. The eighty sites in Andy Warhol’s New York City bring to life the electrifying world he created and include his Factories and residences, as well as clubs, museums, boutiques, restaurants, and dozens of glamorous and gritty places in between.

New Yorkers will savor glimpses of the city’s icons—vanished (Schrafft’s), current (Serendipity 3), and never realized (the Andy-Mat); art lovers will appreciate the listing of Warhol’s many gallery shows; anyone interested in fashion and celebrity will be intrigued by the details of his stylish world.

There are sidebars on Warhol’s residences, favorite restaurants, and factories. Brief biographies of personalities in the book describe the cast of glittering characters that enter and leave the stage as Warhol’s mesmerizing story unfolds.

Nine original drawings in the book were made specially for Andy Warhol’s New York City by the artist Vito Giallo, a former studio assistant of Warhol’s who assisted in the making of hundreds of Warhol’s ink blot drawings, and who later owned the antique store where Warhol bought thousands of items that were posthumously auctioned at Sotheby’s.

The eighty sites are divided into four walks:

I Upper East Side (above East 70th Street)
II Upper East Side (East 57th to East 68th Street)
III Midtown
IV Downtown (Murray Hill, Chelsea, Rose Hill, Union Square, East Village, Greenwich Village)

A “star system” lets readers know at a glance what sites are still in existence, which have been razed, and which are still standing but no longer the Warhol-associated site described.