Thank You Andy Warhol

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The Thank You Andy Warhol project began one morning in January, 2011, when author Catherine Johnson realized she was in the middle of the economic depression that was crippling her creative community. She wondered, ‘What would Andy do?' and realized he would adapt the way he had time and again during his lifetime. His work and ethos had always inspired her and she was sure it had had the same effect on others, and decided to pose the question of his influence on more than 80 of his friends, friends of friends, and those who had been touched by his life and work. She was astonished by the speed, variety, breadth, and abundance of considered responses and the artworks that each found most influential in his or her life.

Just some of the luminaries interviewed here include, Frances Grill, Ivan Karp, Billy Name, Brigid Berlin, Danny Fields, Ken Heyman, Bibbe Hansen, George Lois, Gretchen Berg, Vincent Freemont, Bob Colacello, Sylvia Miles, Christopher Makos, Liza Minnelli, Patrick McDonald, Kenny Scharf, Vik Muniz, Simon Doonan, Ryan McGinness, Eric Shiner, Jamie Warhol, Diane von Furstenberg, and Stefan Sagmeister. What started as a single inquiry has resulted in the only truly personal biography of the greatest artist of our time.