Symphony in Three Movements Mobile

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Do you lack new music in your interior design? For there is plenty of musical inspiration to be had in the mobile Symphony in Three Movements from Flensted Mobiles.

It is quite clear that it was from the world of music that Ole Flensted gained his inspiration when he designed this classic in 1972.

It is no coincidence that this mobile looks fantastic when it hangs above a piano, in your music room or just in your own very special corner.

For it was with Mozart in the background that Symphony in Three Movements was created, and one can easily see the dancing of the notes and the movements of the quill over the page of music in the expression of the mobile.

The word ‘symphony’ is made up of the Greek words ‘syn’ (together) and ‘foni’ (sound). In Symphony from Flensted it is the concept and the feather-light materials that play together with the air as conductor.