You Are Beautiful, The First Sticker Pack

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This 20 pack of stickers are a remake of the very first sticker from 2002. While the first sticker didn’t turn out as planned, these all weather stickers are ready to go.

 The back of the sticker reads:

This is a remake of the original sticker from 2002. The print quality was pixelated and came out the wrong color. These 100 paper stickers barely stuck, and fell off after the first rain. It was a small start, a test for a simple idea. Over the last 20 years, millions upon millions of yabstickers have been shared by the ever growing community around the world. It’s a reminder that you never know what will happen when you put yourself out there. The first step doesn’t have to be perfect. Just go for it and get your ideas out into the world!

These all-weather green vinyl stickers with white printing each measure 2.625" x 1.5".