The Art of the Heist: Confessions of a Master Thief by Myles J Connor Jr. with Jenny Siler

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“A gripping tell-all….A fascinating look inside the mind of an unrepentant criminal.”
—Washington Post

“One of the most beguiling criminal memoirs ever written….A rare gem of a book.”
—T. J. English, New York Times bestselling author of Havana Nocturne

America’s most notorious art thief, Boston-based Myles Connor, tells the unapologetic true story of his life of crime in The Art of the Heist. Co-written with acclaimed author Jenny Siler, Connor’s eye-opening memoirs offer readers a rare, detailed, and intimate look into the mindset of a master criminal—a cat burglar, thief, and con man, veteran of numerous brazen museum heists, who shares the unparalleled “rush” of a life lived on the far side of the law.