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atiya jones is a multidisciplinary visual & conceptual artist, exploring themes of human connection, gentrification, migration and isolation, while visually depicting the effects of accumulative action/community through her WildLines. She utilizes her artwork and any subsequent press, to create and hold discourse centering the Black-experience she’s had, as an artist, woman, transplant, and wanderer.  

She is both an artist and a CEO, running TWELVE\TWENTY STUDIO as a sole proprietor since 2017. Jones believes that art is, and should be everywhere and used this impetus to offer affordable art-products. TWELVE\TWENTY STUDIO requires that jones perform as a creative director, marketing director + strategist, project manager, producer and chief financial officer.

Produced in union with LOCALLY SOURCED at the Carnegie Museum of Art, in Pittsburgh, PA. On view 11/20/20-3/2022.

48-page blank journals great for morning pages, knitting notes, doodles- whatever you need to get out of your mind and down on paper.

Cotton-linen covers crackle and soften with wear in a way that makes us do the same.