Fragments Sticker Sheet

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Selected Fragments: Large includes 9 stickers, curated from Julian’s archive. A rooster for your alarm clock or bathroom mirror, to help you get up in the morning? A formidable bus above your desk, to remind you that you’re a force to be reckoned with? One will do it, but the more the merrier. There’s no wrong way to Apply!

This is a limited edition release. Each print is 1/400 & hand-numbered. 10 lucky purchasers will receive a “golden ticket,” an original signed stencil by Julian.


  • One 7”x7” sheet with 9 unique kiss-cut stickers.

  • One 7”x7” print of a “large” mysterious head.


Julian’s art and design explores everything from portraits of spiders to 1970s cars. What holds these threads together is a search for essential forms in nature & culture. Arranged on horizontal lines (like bookshelves), this sticker set provides a non-linear survey of Julian’s work. These are his Selected Fragments – images arranged together, but not quite resolved.