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What is b. against the binary?

b. against the binary was born shortly after the birth of our child. As queer parents, we were confronted by a world in which, in order to guarantee us equal legal protections to our child, we would need to complete a second parent adoption. This reality was both emotionally and financially taxing. It also further illustrated oppressive dynamics that we both knew well as a queer, non-binary, interracial couple, but that we were now experiencing through the new lens of parenthood.

From the moment we announced that we were expecting a baby, we were inundated with assumptions and questions about our unborn baby's future gender identity. Once our child was born, we witnessed all of the ways their sex assigned at birth dictated the way they were perceived and the treatment they received. We want our child and other children in this next generation to feel liberated from the inherently oppressive dynamics of the gender binary. We want a world where children are asked, "who are you?" rather than, "what are you?" We want a world where children are safe to be and become their whole selves.

This pin is collaboration with b. against the binary.

50% of profits from this pin are donated to: Third Wave Fund