16-Piece Train Puzzle

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Designed with huge cut-out pieces that come in just the right size for early learners to grasp and handle, this puzzle depicts the Jungle Express train chugging through the bramble as its curious animal passengers delight in the surroundings. Little animal lovers will love the locomotive-shaped box that this puzzle comes in - Just check out the pivoting steam attached at the chimney top!

• Visual observation
• Problem solving
• Analytical and logical thinking
• Memory
• Language skills
• Creativity and imagination
• Patience and concentration
• Confidence and self-esteem

An exciting puzzle designed by French artist Régis Lejonc. Measures 25 x 25 cm when complete.

Constructed from heavy cardboard stock with high-quality laminated graphics; resistant to peeling, fading and creasing. A precision laser cutting process also ensures minimal dust and impurities, with pieces that fit together perfectly.